The Lux Experience

Want to know how the process works?
Lux Portraiture offers a glamorous boudoir photography experience in our natural light studio.
Boudoir photography is a great way to celebrate yourself and it also makes a great gift for your significant other, boyfriend, fiancé, husband! We realize that boudoir photography is probably pretty new to you, so we’ve put together a summary of the process to help you better understand what to expect…



#1 : Choose your Session

We have three types of sessions ranging from basic (The Flirt)

to the whole nine yards (The Siren). You’re also able to add

services, like additional outfit changes, makeup looks and you

can also add hair styling, depending on your session selection.

Please visit Book Now to see what we have to offer!





Step 2 – Reserve your session:

You can start the booking process here. Sessions require

$100 non refundable deposit at the time of booking. This

secures your appointment. Once we receive notice that

you’ve reserved a session we will send you full details

about your session.





Step 3 – Plan your wardrobe:

For your first outfit we always suggest selecting something you

feel great in; that feels the most like you. For your second outfit

think about spicing it up a bit, a little more vavavoom, or maybe

one of his favorite shirts. We always suggest bringing more than

you need so we can help style your outfits. Our FLIRT session

(the basic) comes with 2 wardrobe changes but not to worry, we can add on outfits or you can

upgrade your session experience. It is all about your comfort level so start thinking about

what would make you feel like the sexiest version of yourself.

Visit our pinterest page for more ideas on deciding what outfits will work the best for you.




Step 4 – Taking care of yourself:

Try to get your beauty sleep. Eat well; please don’t crash diet for

your photo session. We do suggest having a neutral nail so not to

take away from your images, so maybe splurge and go for a mani/pedi

before you come in! Don’t worry about heading to the tanning booth

and please do not use a DIY self-tanner. These things will really not

enhance your finished photos if done the week of your session.

Just relax. Leave it to us to expertly pose and guide you, showcasing your

best features, allowing you to feel at ease through the session.


exp5Step 5 – Day of the session:
Please arrive on time for your session. Once you arrive,

we will take a look at the outfits you brought and we will

plan the order of the shoot. Once we have organized your

outfits, you will relax and let our makeup artist go to work

turning you into the sexiest version of yourself.





After your session…

After your session, we will book you in for your image premiere viewing, which will be about 2 weeks after your shoot. At that time, you will receive special pricing on your product for your image premiere.
Once you place your product or print order, we expertly retouch all of the images that you select and process your order. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for you to receive your order from the time it is placed.

Please note that due to the nature of custom fine art, all sales are final once you leave the session premiere.


June 12, 2014

The Lux Experience

lux is a boudoir photography studio based in vancouver, canada

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