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"I left feeling the best about myself, but little did I know the best was yet to come. Fast forward two weeks when I went in to view my photos. I was in shock. I had never seen myself as sexy or confident or a model and wow did I feel it. I want to share my experience in hopes someone else who needs to change how they see themselves or gain confidence reads this and books their photoshoot!"

I walked in there with low self-confidence and left never feeling better about myself."

"Best decision! 

Ms. S
lux babe, 31

"It just bolsters my opinion that women can be beautiful and sexy at any age. We will regret the things we did not do, not the things we did. I loved every minute of my experience. I always feel like a supermodel when I do a boudoir session."

You will feel like you're dipped in gold and rolled in diamonds!"

"Just DO it! 

Ms. D
2 time lux babe, 65

I would say, go with an open mind and enjoy the experience. Let go of the self criticism and trust that the team knows what they are doing. I just looked at the pictures for the first time by myself tonight and it still feels a bit surreal, almost like I am looking at a different person. 
As most women, I tend to focus on what I don't like on my body versus focussing on what I like and the pictures are helping me see what I can like.

" I am realizing that this is me...

Ms. S
Lux babe, 53

that I can feel sexy and desirable!"

"Don’t think about any insecurities you may have. It’s a safe environment to push yourself to be that sexy babe.
I have a hard time seeing my beauty and am often very hard on myself, focusing on the things I wish were different.
When I saw the pictures I found myself seeing what others see, I looked at the pictures and realized I AM the girl in the pictures I want to look like! It’s helping me focus on what I like about myself"

Let yourself relax and enjoy. "

" Let go of all inhibitions....

Ms. G
lux babe, 47

- brene brown



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"this experience reminded me of my worth, and for that I am eternally grateful."

lux babe ms. J



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"I love my pictures, they are amazing, they made me feel so good! Body confidence is something I have struggled with"

lux babe ms. m



"Not only did the Lux Ladies make me look beautiful,
they made me feel beautiful and worthy."

lux babe ms. D



Our team believes that every woman should experience confidence, beauty, and sensuality.

"If you're ready to treat yourself to something extraordinary, we would love to welcome you to our studio. Complete our contact form or visit the 'Book Now' tab to get started.

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lux is a boudoir photography studio based in vancouver, canada

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