Over the years we have talked to thousands of women about boudoir photography. We’ve noticed a trend in commonly asked questions and today, we thought we would answer some of them.

Do I provide my own lingerie?

Yes, you get to choose lingerie that reflects your style and personality. You can purchase new outfits for your photoshoot, or bring items you love that you already own. And it doesn’t have to be all lingerie! We have clients who wear oversized shirts, sports jerseys, motorcycle jackets, and many other unique pieces that showcase who they are.

We know that buying lingerie can feel intimidating and it can be expensive, but we’re here to help. Once you’ve scheduled your shoot, we will send you a few emails with tons of tips on what and where to buy for all budgets. We have also partnered with some great local boutiques (shout out to Honey’s and Forever Yours Lingerie!) who are more than happy to help guide you on choosing the perfect lingerie for your style and figure.

What about hair and makeup?

Our photoshoots always include professional hair and makeup. Getting your hair and makeup done is such a confidence boost and is a great way to start your shoot day. We work with some amazing hair and makeup artists, who are not only talented, but also really great people.

I have no idea how to “look sexy”. Will you help me pose?

First of all, sexy is a broad term and very personal. We each have our own definition of what it means to be sexy and how that looks and feels. So please, don’t compare YOUR sexy to anyone elses.

Second, we promise you, you are sexy. Maybe it’s been awhile since you have felt connected to that side of yourself, and that’s okay! One of the reasons many of our clients come to do a boudoir shoot is precisely to reconnect with that part of themselves. Boudoir is a great medium for exploring, connecting to and expressing your own unique sexyness.

Third and lastly, we will of course help you pose! Our clients aren’t models, they are normal people just like you. Those women you see on our social media and website, had never posed before either, and look how amazing they are! We have been doing boudoir photography for over a decade and know all the tips and tricks to help you look your absolute best.

Am I too old or out-of-shape to do boudoir?

Never. No. Unh unh.

Boudoir has no age limit. It has no requirements about body shape or size. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is gorgeous. And everyone deserves to see themselves in print as a beautiful, confident, sexy woman, no matter her age or dress size.

Will my photos be shown on your website and social media?

That’s up to you!

All of the women you see on our social media and website have given us express consent to share their images. After your photoshoot you will be given the choice to allow us to share your gorgeous images in full, to let us share them anonymously, or to not share them at all. We will always respect your decision and will never share images without consent.

What is the studio space like? Is it private? Will there be men there to see me in lingerie?

Lux Boudoir is a female owned and operated business. Our photographers, hair and make-up artists and our editing team are all female. We are based out of a loft studio near Granville Island. It’s not in someone’s home, nor is it shared with any other businesses. The space is entirely dedicated to our boudoir clients and therefore, completely private.

We understand that being photographed in lingerie is a very intimate experience and we ensure an environment that is respectful of the nature of boudoir photography. We know that many women feel more comfortable and safe with female staff and we have built our team accordingly.

Do I have to get naked?

You can, but you don’t have to. In our Ultimate Lux Experience, we offer our signature shower session where you are able to do nude photos in a tasteful and safe environment.

But you don’t have to!

Your boudoir experience is all about you and we will never ask you to wear anything more revealing than you are comfortable with and we certainly won’t ask you to bear it all if you don’t want to.

P.S. Curious what you can expect from a photo shoot with Lux Boudoir? Download our complimentary Dream Photoshoot Planner instantly by clicking HERE

If you would like to find out more information about booking your boudoir shoot, you can simply email us at info@luxportraits.ca or text 778-743-4773

September 16, 2022

Answers to Your Most Common Boudoir Questions

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