One of the primary reasons our clients come to us for a boudoir experience is to help boost their confidence. Helping women to feel good about themselves, to recognize their own beauty and inner strength, to help them connect to and express their sensuality is why we became boudoir photographers.

While I tend to write often about the power of boudoir to help improve a woman’s confidence, I understand that my perspective may come across as a little biased. So today, I wanted to share with you, straight from my incredible clients, how boudoir has helped them and their self-confidence.

Ms. H

“The shoot allowed me to fully own, respect and celebrate my body. My body isn’t perfect, but it does a lot of incredible things for me on a daily basis, so who cares about perfection? The shoot truly helped me see myself as a feminine and playful woman without any judgements or feeling of being not enough or going too much in.”

Ms. S

“This shoot gave me self confidence that I had been searching for years for. I didn’t need to do this shoot to look good for anyone but myself and I didn’t do it for others to see to validate how I felt. I did it for me and to see my worth staring back at me. This was the best investment in myself I could have done.”

Ms. G

“I have a hard time seeing my beauty and am often very hard on myself, focusing on the things I wish were different. When I saw the pictures I found myself seeing what others see   I looked at the pictures and realized I AM the girl in the pictures I want to look like!  It’s helping me focus on what I like.”

Ms. C

“I had zero self worth and confidence. This shoot has made me able to celebrate me and see how beautiful I am.”

Ms. B

“It’s done so much for my confidence. It made me realize no matter what my body insecurities I can still be beautiful and sexy. That’s accessible to me whenever I want to bring it out.”

You deserve to feel good about yourself. Whether you meet the societally dictated standards of beauty or not (most of us do not – even those in the magazines and advertisements), you are still beautiful. We want to help you see your beauty. We want to help you feel confident. When you are ready to book your photoshoot, we are here for you.

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October 31, 2022

How Boudoir Helped these Clients Improve their Confidence

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