Lingerie and boudoir photography are intimately connected, but lingerie is certainly not your only outfit option for your photoshoot. Your boudoir photoshoot should be all about you – your style, your hobbies, your version of sexy. So while lingerie is certainly an option, and with a wide variety in style choices, your photoshoot is a great opportunity to get creative. We’ve put together a few ideas to help inspire you.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket adds a little sex appeal and badassery to any look. Easily create a femme-fatale look for your photoshoot with a little black leather jacket.

A Favourite Sport’s Team Jersey

Whether it’s your favourite sport’s team, or your partner’s, a sports jersey adds a little fun personality to your photoshoot.

Oversized White Shirt

So simple, but oh-so-sexy. Whether you want to wear lingerie underneath, or nothing at all, the oversized white shirt is a sexy classic.

A Fur Coat

Nothing says glam like a fur coat. Instant luxury and very glamourous. Whether it’s real or faux, we can create some amazing images.

PS. We keep the coat in the image on the right in our client closet, so just let us know if you want to re-create this look for yourself.

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September 1, 2022

4 New Photoshoot Outfits to Spice Up Your Photoshoot

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