Allow us to introduce Mrs. G, who, on her fourth boudoir photoshoot with us, shared her favorite moments of her last (but not least) boudoir experience.

Mrs. G told us that she first chosen Lux Boudoir because she “wanted a women’s only operation. A professional one that celebrated all body types and ages. The pictures I saw confirmed it was what I was looking for. Wanted one that provided posing expertise as I didn’t have any experience”.

When we asked about the reason for doing FOUR boudoir shoots, she told us: “First time I did it as a wedding present. Found the experience ended up being as much for me as for my husband. Each time I have enjoyed doing different types of shoots. I have four books and all different. The more I did them the more ideas I had and Lux was very open to my ideas. The photographer was fantastic and not only carried out my ideas but used her talents and creativity to add to them.”

And what could have been her favourite part of the last session she had? “The photographer’s excitement and creativity made the whole experience so much fun and helped me feel confident and sexy. Some of my favourite pictures are ones she took through the white gauzy curtain and they are so artistic. Look like paintings.”

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October 20, 2023

“Each time I have enjoyed doing different types of boudoir shoots”

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