This summer, I made a commitment to purchasing my produce from my local farmers market. It’s slightly less convenient and arguably a little more money, but I wanted to do better. I wanted to be better at supporting my local farmers and economy, and at supporting my own health with quality foods. 

Today, I was making a salad and I noticed how fragrant the carrots were, how crisp and green the kale, and when I popped a cherry tomato in my mouth, it really did burst with flavour. Grocery store produce just doesn’t taste this good. Buying from the farmer’s market might cost me a little more in time and money, but it is definitively worth it.

There are some things in life that are worth paying a little more for, in exchange for the significant better quality. The farmers market got me thinking about other such instances. Tattoos come to mind. A hairstylist. And….a photographer.

Each of these things are luxury items – except for food, wherein high quality should be affordable and accessible for everyone, but I digress. We don’t need to get our hair done, have our skin inked or get boudoir photos taken. But, if it’s something you want, as much as it is available to you, pay a little more for quality

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true for boudoir photography. At Lux, we offer a high-end service, a luxury experience, and unbeatable quality images. We are Vancouver’s original boudoir studio, and our owner and leader, Kari Heese, has over two decades of photography experience. With hundreds of raving clients and thousands of stunning images as proof of the quality we offer, we have a history of excellence you can trust. Your photographs and artwork will last you a lifetime. It is absolutely worthwhile to invest in those photos and in your experience.

Listen, a store-bought salad is still tasty and nutritious. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making purchases that respect your budget. But that salad from the farmers market was bursting with flavour, the veggies were crisper, and the nutrient quality superior. We get what we pay for and if you are going to splurge on yourself for a boudoir experience, invest in yourself and go for the Lux experience. 

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August 17, 2022

For a Luxury Experience and High-End Photos, Invest in Quality, Invest in Yourself

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