We are super excited to announce we are just launched our 40 over 40 project. We were inspired to do this project by some of our own clients in the studio who felt like they were to either too old to do a boudoir shoot, not the right weight or didn’t fit the typical image of someone that you might see in typical boudoir photos.

Unfortunately society sets expectations on what women should look like after the age of 40, which we don’t agree with. We have been programmed to believe that once you hit 40 you’re either no longer beautiful or there’s an unattainable standard set by the media, so we want to remind women that they are still beautiful and worthy of being seen.

We want to empower them and give them that confidence back that maybe they lost after 40. Society tells us that our prime is over after our 20s and we think that’s BS! There is so much beauty in ageing and the wisdom that comes with age, not to mention the confidence that you get when you embrace your body that has taken you through all the twists and turns of life. We want all women to experience that side of beauty, the side that you can only get with years of learning how to love your self.

That’s being said today’s the youngest you’re ever going to be. Life is too short to not do the thing. A month turns in to a year, a year turns into a decade, and a decade turns in to “I wish I had” There is never a wrong time to have a boudoir shoot!

This is why we created the 40 over 40 project! We would love for you to join us and the other 40 women that will be a part of the project. You deserve it.

To find out more info and submit your application click the button below!

November 4, 2021

Lux Boudoir 40 over 40 boudoir project

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