We have a guest on our blog today!

Meet Alex James; an Australian/ Canadian Feminine Leadership Coach. One of her extraordinary gifts is her ability to empower women through coaching.

She recently posted a photo on instagram that sparked some controversy: check it out here.

As a Boudoir Studio, the subject matter really resonated with us, so we asked if she could expand on it for our blog!

Am I… 

Too much? 

Attention seeking? 


You’ve had these thoughts about yourself a million times.

Currently, across many forms of media, Social Media especially, there has been a rise of women’s vulnerability and courageously flaunting their “flaws”.

Posting unpolished, unfiltered and even “at your worst” selfies are quickly becoming a trend – and a liberating one at that! Finally, a breath of fresh air from the decades or IMPOSSIBLY perfect, airbrushed, and largely unhealthy “approved” appearances for women. 

I very much celebrate this essential movement that encourages acceptance and self-love – AND also observe an equally powerful movement on the seemingly opposing side….

What is still carrying an enormous weight of shame and judgement is women unapologetically owning their HOTNESS. 

Which happens to be an equally vulnerable, self-loving and powerful endeavour. 

Fears around outwardly revering your own beauty, womanhood and sexuality most commonly circle around a few central themes. 

You ask yourself:

  • What if I receive unwanted attention? 
  • What if people judge me? 
  • Who am I to think I am attractive enough to celebrate my beauty with the world?  

And guess what… 

You are allowed to think you look hot AF, say you feel beautiful, and flaunt every sexy thing about you!! 

In fact, I encourage it. 

Allowing yourself to see yourself as an exquisite feminine being is a courageous act in today’s world! One I sincerely encourage for the sake not only of yourself but for the empowerment and healing of women as a whole – because you claiming it gives others permission to do the same!

I recently posted a vulnerable sexy photo on my Instagram business profile @alexstaceyjames, and shared a caption titled “Collective Shame”. The response to which was striking in the best possible way.  

It read:

“Do I trigger your judgments? If yes… may I also invite you to question them?

You likely have (unconsciously) labelled me as a few things by now… Maybe Professional, Leader, Woman, Single, Daughter, Old/young?

With each label, you have stories attached about what they “mean” about me, along with societal expectations of what I should/shouldn’t do & who I “should” be – in your eyes.

Undoing social conditioning & retelling new narratives is essential to empowering women to embrace feminine leadership.

And an enormous piece of that is the collective shame around women’s bodies & sexuality.

I very intentionally display this in my brand despite my fear of the judgements & attention they may receive because:

1. I feel it’s important to demonstrate my ability to be professional, intelligent, respected AND unapologetic in my appearance

2. It’s fun & I enjoy celebrating my body & my feminine

3. I desire to. (Note the full stop – that is a very whole & complete sentence)

The thing is, your judgements of me(or anyone else) are about what YOU reject IN YOU…

so I compassionately invite you to get curious about them:

❤- Where did they come from?

❤ – Who taught you that?

❤- What would it give permission for you to do if it weren’t true?

Embodying your full potential means releasing the shame you hold around who you are… And a big part of that is a sensual being in the body of a goddess! 

You have been taught to play it down BECAUSE of its power,

You were told it was shameful BECAUSE they’re ashamed of themselves,

You have nothing to hide, And SO MUCH TO BE SEEN!

Truth Is,

Your body is insignificant compared with your soul,

Your beauty has ZERO to do with your worth,

The brilliance of who you are is INFINITELY more powerful than any physical part…


Your beauty is still powerful,

Your body is the vessel your soul lives,

Your sensuality is an integral part of your existence,

This is why I cordially invite you to both embrace & unapologetically celebrate all of it!”

Here’s my core message… If you enjoy celebrating your body, if you desire to strut down the street like a queen, if you feel a pull to capture yourself in a professional boudoir photoshoot and share it – DO IT! And do it for YOU first! Everything else is secondary. 

The female form is a work of art! It is stunning in its curvature and innate elegance – why wouldn’t you want to capture that essence through the lens of an artist (aka photographer)!

And remember, what is right for you can always be found in the question – Is this thought, choice or action from love or fear?

Please check out Alex’s website if you feel pulled to know more about what she offers: https://www.alexstaceyjames.com/

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November 3, 2021

Guest blog with Alex James for Lux Boudoir Studio

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