Boudoir is not exclusively for brides, but we do see a lot of brides coming for a session before their big day, and it’s not a coincidence. Bridal boudoir has been popular for decades, and here are 5 reasons why you should do a shoot:

1. It’s a major confidence boost! 

On your big day you are going to be the center of attention for HOURS. Probably, you will never have had so many people watching you all at once before. Boudoir is a great way to warm up for the camera on your wedding day. Trust us this can help to calm your nerves so that you can just enjoy that special day.

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2. It’s an amazing surprise for your partner! 

Most couples spend an exhausting amount of time planning the details of their wedding. This leaves little to the imagination on the big day. Surprising your partner with an album of gorgeous and timeless photographs of the beautiful bride, is a great secret to keep and share the day of your wedding.

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3. It’s a great gift for both of you!

Not only will your partner will be blown away that you put so much consideration into his gift, but you will also get to enjoy the artwork for the rest of your lives.

Boudoir will capture you in your last moments as a single beauty, before you were swept off your feet by the love of your life.

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4. It’s a great way to celebrate a milestone! 

You and your partner will have many photographs taken, tons of keepsakes and gifts from your wedding. However, a boudoir album is something special for just the two of you. You don’t have to share it with your entire family and friends. You can look back at your wedding boudoir album 15 years+ down the road and smile!

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5. You get to be pampered and feel empowered! 

On the day of your shoot you get to relax and be pampered by the professionals. You’ll be coached into stunning poses that make you look like a model and feel sexy as hell. Take some time to buy some new lingerie for the shoot, and then wear it the night of the wedding. See how excited your partner gets! It will be incredibly empowering!

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If you have a wedding coming up feel free to contact us about a bridal boudoir photography session! Or click here to book your Lux Boudoir shoot now! Head to our gallery to see more bridal boudoir!

February 3, 2021


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