It’s getting seriously close to the sexiest day of the year, February 14th. Some schools of thought try to convince us that Valentine’s day is just a “Hallmark” holiday, and a waste of money.

There is no denying that Valentine’s Day celebrates LOVE, but has plenty of opportunity for sexiness too. We all want to feel sexy every day, but particularly on February 14th “sexy” will likely be on your mind a little more.

This is why you should re-vamp your lingerie drawer and buy a new beautiful piece (or five) for your collection! We always get asked “What should I wear for my Boudoir photoshoot?” and sexy lingerie is an exact starting point for great Boudoir Photography. Some lingerie stores even sell “Boudoir Lingerie”, but we think all pieces can make good Boudoir Photos with a little creativity and coaching from our skilled team to help you. If you also want to vamp up the heat on Valentine’s day, we also suggest the idea of getting a Lux Boudoir Photoshoot with that new lingerie to make the day extra special!!

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1. You’ll get back in touch with your inner sex-kitten.

Let’s be honest, Christmas was not that long ago and you may have over indulged (like me!). Have sweats and flannel pjs become a regular part of your at home attire? New lingerie will make you feel sexy and confident again.

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2. Gorgeous lingerie is good for your relationship.

 When your partner sees you in new lingerie that he’s never seen, it reminds him that you care about looking nice for him. Even if most of the week you wear comfy clothes around the house, he will appreciate if some nights are extra special.

3.You will feel attractive all day long if you wear it under your clothes.

Even if no one can see it under you work outfit, having a new lacy bra and panty set will make you feel attractive, and therefor look attractive and boost your confidence.

4. You should splurge on yourself!

Every once in a while we need to remember that we’re doing a great job at life and reward ourselves!

5. Lingerie shopping is fun!

Let’s face it, women generally love pretty, delicate, and lacy things because they’re beautiful! It’s so nice to try on all the different styles and colours and textures and find those pieces that make you feel like a rock star super-model!

If you want to see what LUX Boudoir Photography can do with you in your new sexy lingerie then have a view at the blog post for the 4 Lingerie Options for the Best Boudoir Images Here

We have a few spots left before Valentine’s Day if you want to make this February 14th extra special! Book your session today! Download your complimentary Dream Shoot Planner by clicking HERE.  It will tell you all about the experience and what to expect.  I would love to chat with you! You can give us a call directly at 604-558-4848.  You can also email us at  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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January 8, 2021

5 REASONS TO RE-VAMP YOUR LINGERIE DRAWER in 2021 [lux boudoir tips]

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