Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular as more women are learning to embrace their sensuality, accept their bodies and seeking new ways to express their self-love. Boudoir is truly an empowering experience we hope every woman is able to experience.

Yet, despite the increasing popularity of boudoir photoshoots – and the overall increase in women’s liberation to wear what they want, to be seen and accepted as sexual beings, and the freedom to be our authentic selves, there still persists a few myths about boudoir that we want to clear up. Hopefully clearing these matters up will help more women to experience boudoir and the life-changing effects of a photoshoot. No, we aren’t being facetious to call it life changing. Those who have done one, will back us on that! 

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1 You have to look a certain way

We know that women have been beaten down by the beauty industry and upheld to unrealistic standards for so long it is difficult to learn to accept, let alone love your body, if it does not comply to these beauty standards. We at Lux Boudoir want to set the record straight – all bodies are beautiful! Yes, your body is beautiful! Don’t believe it? That’s what we are here to help you see. You don’t need to lose weight, be nipped or tucked, have flawless skin or be body hair free to be deemed beautiful enough to do a boudoir photoshoot. Sure, we have a glam squad and we offer re-touching services for those who want them, but our philosophy is to keep you looking like you!

2. It’s Practically Porn

Our studio is sex-positive and we are proud to provide our clients with a non-judgemental, inclusive space, but boudoir is not porn, nor do we offer erotic photoshoots. Sex work is work and we don’t mean any shame to people who support themselves doing so, however, we are a distinct industry. Our photographers capture beautiful photographs in a style that is timeless and classy. Boudoir is an artistic way of capturing your individual beauty. In the same way that Renaissance paintings and figure art are not pornographic, boudoir is also a means of artistic expression separate from porn. 

3. Only Young Women Can Do Boudoir

Why let the youth have all the fun? 

We have clients ranging in age from 20 all the way to 86, YES 86!!. Many of our clients are in the 40+ range, with only a fraction of our clients being under 30. Our bodies are beautiful at all ages and it’s wonderful to capture the changes they undergo. Growing old is a privilege and a luxury to be celebrated. 

4. You have to be Uber Sexy to do Boudoir

Your photoshoot can be playful, it can be more of a portrait/glam style, it can be sensual or sexy. You can wear whatever you want – as much or as little, as sexy or as modest, as stereotypically feminine or as androgynous as you feel comfortable. This is YOUR photoshoot and we are here to make your vision come to life. 

5. It’s too much money to spend on yourself

A boudoir photoshoot is undeniably an investment in yourself, but it is one that you deserve. Investing in yourself sends a message that you believe in your own worth, that you believe you are worthy of nice things. Not to mention, your photographs are a gift to self that keeps on giving. Every time you look at your photos, you will be transported back to your photoshoot and remember the confidence, inner power and sensuality you felt. Your photos are a great way to boost your confidence and remind yourself (as often as you need to) that you are beautiful, worthy and a bit of a badass. 

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May 5, 2022

5 Myths about Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

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