Your body is a work of art that tells the story of your life. From the childhood scar you got when you fell off the roof of the shed while playing with your friends, to the stretch marks across your hips from a teenage growth spurt. The scar across your lower abdomen from the c-section that brought your beautiful child into this world. The tattoo you got to remind yourself to live fully in this one precious life you have to live. The wrinkles on your face from laughing so much over the years. Every mark on our bodies is a story, a reminder of all that we have experienced and some of those marks are even a reminder of who we are. These marks can remind of us of our strength and resilience, they may remind us of our good fortune and all that we have to be grateful for. Perhaps they commemorate blessings in our lives, and some are reminders of times that have challenged us. All of it belongs, all of it is valid. To us at Lux Boudoir, all of it is beautiful. 

A boudoir photoshoot is a wonderful way to capture the story your body tells in this phase of your life. Boudoir can be used to commemorate big life moments like a wedding, a pregnancy, a divorce, a birthday, a graduation or promotion. A photoshoot can celebrate a new phase of your life, or the years as they pass. We have clients who love to come and do a photoshoot with us every few years as a way of witnessing and celebrating their bodies as they age and change. From college graduate, to bride-to-be, to mom-to-be, to post childbearing, and eventually, to grandmother. To witness our bodies grow, soften, strengthen, to watch them age is a blessing not all are afforded. Those gray hairs, wrinkles and stretch marks have been earned. 

We are sold on the beauty of youth and flawlessness through the media, but here at Lux Boudoir we want to tell the stories of women of all ages and bodies. Show us your scars, your blemishes, your wrinkles and your stretch marks – these are what tell your story and what make you unique. There is beauty in every body and a story to be told. It is always our greatest honour to be able to help show that story, to capture it in a way that you can cherish. Despite the societal pressures and media portrayals, our bodies are far more than just aesthetics; our bodies are our home. Your body deserves to be celebrated, it deserves to be loved and that, at the end of the day, is what boudoir photography is all about. 

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May 12, 2022

Tell Your Body’s Story with Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

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