Boudoir photography is for every woman. Most people may think it’s just about rolling around in your lingerie (which is fun!), but that is not exactly the full point. Women are warriors and we are going to share with you some of the reasons our clients come through the Lux Boudoir doors. 

woman on bed boudoir by lux portrait

1. Empowerment – Boudoir Session

One client told us, she’s pushing herself out of her comfort zone to be empowered. Everything she had done that year up to her boudoir session, she had pushed herself out of the normal and the benefits empowered her. She had always been shy and in the background. She wanted to be front and center. When all done her Lux photoshoot, she was so blissfully happy at how she felt.

dark hair woman laying on bed

2. Healing

Some of our clients have just ended a toxic relationship and use Boudoir Photography as part of their healing process. Whether it was just a few weeks or years, they were able to put themselves first and take the steps to better their lives by understanding that letting go, is sometimes the best way to heal. Their stories are heartbreaking and their comeback is inspiring. We find these stories so powerful and although they are not our stories to share, we believe our clients are insanely amazing and brave.

3. LIFES’ MILESTONES – bridal Boudoir and maternity boudoir

Are you pregnant or getting married? We love our clients that do baby bump boudoir or those about ready to walk down the aisle. These women are celebrating some major life milestones by celebrating new chapters in their lives.

woman standing in window with veil
pregnant woman sitting on floor in white shirt

4. Body Proud

So many clients come in for luxury boudoir photoshoot after reaching a certain body goal. Whether it was losing weight, adding muscle or getting a new rad tattoo. They are proud of the work they put in and want to celebrate their accomplishments. We say bring it, we are here for you. Lux will showcase your amazing drive and willpower in the best possible light.

boudoir photography woman in corset

5. Celebrate Being in a Great Place

A lot of our clients, are just in the right spot in their lives. Everything is at peace and stable and exciting and amazing. Sometimes just being happy with who you are and where you are at in life is all you need to take your boudoir plunge.

6. Celebrate Birthday Milestones

What better way to celebrate that milestone birthday with a fun boudoir session to capture you at your finest. Many of our clients come to do a boudoir session at those milestone birthdays, from 30-80 there is never a bad decade to treat yourself and celebrate who you are. 

Lux Boudoir photography – The Why

No matter the reason, every woman who leaves Lux Boudoir Photography studio feels empowered. That is the reason we do what we do. LUX supports and celebrates women through the art of Boudoir in Vancouver. Please connect with us through our socials, we would love to hear from you. 

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January 4, 2021


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