Ms. D joined us at our loft studio for a boudoir photoshoot with the desire of boosting her self-confidence. This was her first boudoir shoot and we were so honoured she chose us for the experience. She was an absolute blast to work with, bringing so much positivity and light into the studio.

” Friends and loved ones will always tell us we are beautiful. It took the professionals at Lux to help me accept those compliments. Not only did the Lux Ladies make me look beautiful, they made me feel beautiful and worthy.”

We’d love to hear about your experience at Lux. Tell us, how was your photoshoot?

My experience was more than I was expecting! The photography studio felt more like I was visiting a girlfriend’s place for a girls’ night out, rather than a cold unfeeling studio with lights shining into your eyes. The beauty prep session felt like a girlfriend playing with your hair and makeup, rather than an arduous session of hair pulling and teasing in a salon chair and the makeup still made me look like me. The actual photo shoot itself was fun! I was expecting to be nervous, and self-conscious and stiff; instead Lindsey made me laugh, gave me easy clear instructions on how to move my body and how to relax my face and the time flew by.

What advice would you give to someone considering booking a boudoir photoshoot?

Follow the instructions that Lux sends you! Give yourself lots of time to prepare – Be prepared days in advance so that you are not stressed the night before the shoot.

Spend time to curate your outfits, try them on, steam them if necessary, hang them up. If you aren’t sure about an outfit, bring it anyways and have the professionals give you their opinion. They have done hundreds of these shoots and know what will look good on camera. Trust that they will make you look amazing because if you don’t look good they don’t look good.

Have a good night’s sleep before the shoot. Don’t come to the shoot all caffeined up; it could make you jittery and hard to look relax.

Wanting to feel confident is one of the primary reasons we hear for why women want to do a boudoir photoshoot. Helping our clients on their journey of self-love and self-confidence is why we love our work. We were so delighted to work with Ms. D and honoured to be part of her journey. If you feel boudoir would be a beneficial experience to help you with your own sense of self-confidence, we would love to have you in studio.

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December 12, 2022

Boudoir for Self-Confidence – A Testimonial from Ms. D


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