Boudoir can be misrepresented as being for young women only, but in reality, a vast majority of our clientele are over forty. Often, our clientele over forty are less comfortable with having their images shared – and we ALWAYS respect our clients wishes. So when Ms. S was happy to share her photos and chat about her experience we were thrilled! After her photoshoot and viewing appointment, we sat down with Ms. S to ask her about her experience with Lux and this is what she had to share:

Was this your first boudoir experience?

This is my first boudoir experience and I am happy I had the courage to do it. I was pretty nervous at the idea of posing in underwear in front of a camera but now I am so happy I could do it.

What inspired you to do a boudoir shoot with Lux?

As I am getting older, I want to keep being excited and curious about life, so I was looking for things to do that would push my limits a little bit, or at least be different from what I usually do while still being healthy. The boudoir photography session fit perfectly in this category.

I am also a divorced woman in my 50’s trying to navigate the dating world and I thought this might be a fun way to boost my self confidence a little bit and make me feel sexy.

What was your favourite part about your photoshoot?

I had fun the whole time! The discussion before the shoot and selection of garments was very positive and fun.
The make up and hair was nice because it does not happen so often that I feel pampered and taken care of.
The session itself was playful and I felt encouraged to be more daring. I am usually quite reserved so I was pleasantly surprised I could enjoy the experience and made feel totally at ease.

How has doing the photoshoot impacted you?

I just looked at the pictures for the first time by myself tonight and it still feels a bit surreal, almost like I am looking at a different person. But I can see that little by little, I am realizing that this is me, and that I can feel sexy and desirable.

As most women, I tend to focus on what I don’t like on my body versus focusing on what I like and the pictures are helping me see what I can like.

Was your photoshoot experience what you were expecting?

I was expecting to be way more intimidated than I actually was, and I was surprised that very quickly I could feel relax and enjoy the full experience.

What advice do you have for other women considering doing a boudoir photoshoot?

I would say, go with an open mind and enjoy the experience. Let go of the self criticism and trust that the team knows what they are doing.

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October 21, 2022

Ms. S tells us how she feels – Boudoir Over 50

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