“My opinion [is] that women can be beautiful and sexy at any age”.

Ms. D is back for her second photoshoot at Lux in celebration of her upcoming 65th birthday. We are always so grateful when our clients aged 40+ allow us to share their photos. Social media has a lot of women believing that boudoir is only for the young, but that is a false reality (like so many things online). The truth is, the majority of our clients are over 40, but many in this age group aren’t as comfortable sharing their photos online as those of the younger generation. But we are trying to break that false notion of boudoir only being for the young. We are on a mission to show women that they can be beautiful, sexy and vivacious at any age.

” I always feel like a supermodel…like I’ve been dipped in gold and rolled in diamonds” is how Ms. D describes how she feels during her boudoir photoshoot.

As women, we are used to putting others first. In our studio, YOU get to be prioritised. You get to be the focus. You get to enjoy the experience and not worry about anyone or anything. Meanwhile, we will be doing what we do best – helping you to feel beautiful, confident and sexy. And hey, if you feel like you’ve been dipped in gold and wrapped in diamonds, all the better.

If you’ve been on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot, then Ms. D has the best advice:

“We will regret the things we did not do, not the things we did”.

I’m all for being discerning! I am the type of shopper who likes to think about an item before buying. I figure, if it’s still on my mind in a few days, it means I want it bad enough to buy it, but if I’ve forgotten about it, or it doesn’t seem worth the effort to go back to the store for, clearly I don’t want it badly enough.

So, if boudoir is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, then take the plunge. No one wants to come to the end of their life and regret not doing the things we wanted.

I know that society wants us to believe that beauty and sex appeal have an expiration date. I know society wants us to believe we aren’t worth investment. But we are here to call b*llsh*t!

These stunning(!!!!) photos of Ms. D are proof that women of any age can be gorgeous, sexy, flirty, bold. Her investing in a boudoir photoshoot, resulted in her feeling like she had been dipped and gold and rolled in diamonds, which I would say, means it was worth it. She is worth it. You are worth it. Don’t let society, limiting beliefs or your own fears hold you back from doing what you want in this life, at any age.

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September 30, 2022

Ms. D and Having Sex Appeal at Any Age


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