Have you seen the Instagram reels of women applying their make-up with the audio about women being shapeshifters? I think one of the reasons it’s trending, is because most of us can relate to the transformational power of hair and make-up. We know how getting dolled up can give us a boost in confidence. Hair and make-up can transform us into a whole other person. Suddenly we are a glamorous movie star, a seductress, or the natural beauty who lives in a camper van by the ocean. A session with a talented hair and make-up artist is the closest we’ll get to a visit from a fairy godmother, who uses her magic to take us from Cinderella to Princess.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being Cinderella; she’s hardworking, kind, intelligent and beautiful. She gets treated like a doormat by her mother and step-sisters because she doesn’t see these qualities in herself. When she is turned into a princess by her fairy godmother she is finally able to see her true self. Being a princess doesn’t give her these qualities, but seeing herself as a princess lets her see she already possesses these traits.

For the very same reason of transformational magic, we include hair and make-up in all of our boudoir photoshoot packages. It’s the first confidence boost you’ll experience at your photoshoot. Our professional hair and make-up artists are the fairy godmothers who help you see how beautiful you truly are. Let’s be clear though, it’s not the make-up, or the hair that makes you beautiful, you already are. Having hair and make-up done offers you the chance to see yourself more clearly, just like Cinderella. It’s the magic of seeing yourself differently.

Many of our clients come to us with the goal of improved confidence and better self worth. Each and every one of our clients are gorgeous, talented, wonderful and multifaceted people. But many of them aren’t able to see this about themselves. Our team of creatives – our hair and make-up artists, photographers, and our editors – are all fairy godmothers. They help transform our clients and give them the experience of seeing themselves differently. Just like Cinderella was able to go to the ball and experience a different life, our clients, through their photoshoot, get to experience themselves differently. They get to experience themselves as confident, sensual, powerful and gorgeous people. Our hope is they carry this forward into the rest of their lives.

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July 21, 2022

The Confidence-Boosting Magic of Hair and Make-up (Before and After Photos)

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