Is it just me, or does life sometimes feel a little bit monotonous? Does it seem like much of your days are spent doing the same tasks over, and over again? Why did nobody warn us about how many dishes you will wash as an adult? I definitely did not think, as a teenager, I would struggle so much to decide on what to eat every day, three meals a day. I miss the days when food just appeared in the fridge and on my plate. The days when “cleaning my room” was the only chore on my list. 

Sometimes it seems like each day is a carbon copy of the day before. Wake up, workout, go to work, come home, eat something vaguely nutritious, watch tv, pass out. I know from talking to friends that I am not alone in this sentiment. At least I am among the fortunate who happen to LOVE what they do. I’m very blessed in that regard. Still, sometimes I crave a little shake up. How about you?

I was putting my mind to ways to create some excitement and change in my days. I thought of little ways (changing up my route to work, trying a new manicure style, going to a new cafe for my daily coffee) and bigger ways (maybe it’s time for a vacation, going to a concert, trying an art class). Creating new experiences for ourselves brings novelty into our lives, which makes life more exciting and fulfilling.

And you know what? Boudoir is another way you could add a little excitement into your life!

The lead up to the shoot creates the thrill of anticipation. There’s the lingerie shopping (and perhaps even a fun modelling show for your partner). Pampering yourself with a mani/pedi and hair appointment. As your photoshoot day draws closer, your excitement builds, bringing a glow to your days.

During the shoot, you have a hype squad telling you how freaking gorgeous you are for a few hours and you get to feel like a model. The high of a photoshoot is hard to describe; it’s something you just have to experience for yourself. But I can tell you the way it transforms our clients is incredible to witness.

Then there’s the post photoshoot bliss. You’re feeling confident, gorgeous, sexy. Maybe you book yourself a night out afterwards, maybe plan a date (or heck, a solo date for yourself!). A photoshoot is a catalyst for seeing yourself in a new way, which in turn, can shift how you see and interact with your life. 

Seeing your photos for the first time brings its own thrill. Just wait till you see how freaking gorgeous you are! When you take those photos home, every time you look at them, you get a little boost as your memory of the day is rejuvenated.

Yes, a boudoir photoshoot is an excellent way to spice up your life and beat those adulthood doldrums. 

PS. Since writing this weeks blog post, that old Spice Girls song, “Spice Up Your Life” has been stuck in my head on repeat. And if it’s now in yours, sorry, not sorry haha.

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July 14, 2022

Spice Up Your Life with Boudoir

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