You can do it for yourself you know. 

You don’t have to have someone to gift the photos. You don’t need a special occasion.

You can do a photoshoot for yourself, because you want to, whenever you want to do it.

If you need a permission slip, consider this to be it:

I hereby give you permission to do a boudoir photoshoot for yourself (no reason necessary).

There. Permission granted.

You don’t actually need me to give you permission, you can do that for yourself. It’s your life after all. You are your own authority.

Still, considering how often I hear women tell me that they are putting off doing a photoshoot until they have someone to do the photos for, I felt like it was something that needed to be addressed.

It seems there are quite a lot of women out there who don’t realise that their very existence is worthy enough; that they are worthy. It seems there are a lot of women out there who don’t realise that they are worthwhile celebrating. Or they don’t need someone else to validate their existence. 

A boudoir photoshoot is meant to be for you – to celebrate your body, your sensuality, your personhood. It is meant to be a celebration, and perhaps a means of reconnection. The photos you receive are meant to serve as a reminder for you of your power, your sensuality, your individual beauty. If someone else has the honour of seeing them, that’s great, but it isn’t necessary. You can be the only person, ever, to see your photos and it would still be worthwhile.

If you feel called to do a boudoir shoot, that is reason enough. You are enough.

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June 16, 2022

You Don’t Need to be in a Relationship to do Boudoir

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