Photography, of any variety, is an investment and you may be curious why. Pricing is not only one of the primary questions we get asked by potential clients, but is also often the biggest reason for why someone may not schedule a photoshoot. So, we wanted to take a moment to offer you an insight into why boudoir costs what it does

First, I want to address that for many women, the resistance to spending the money on a boudoir experience is not about the money at all. Stay with me here. For many of our potential clients, a boudoir session is something they could afford, either outright, or with a little savvy savings. The REAL resistance, is about spending that money on themselves. You see, it comes down to a matter of value and worth. Do you value the experience of boudoir and all the benefits that come with it (the boost in confidence, improved perceived self-worth, reconnecting to sensual self)? In the same way you might look at hiring a life coach to help you with these items, you have to decide if those benefits are worth the money to you.  The second factor is worth; frankly, it comes down to believing that you are worth the investment. Because many of our clients are already struggling to see themselves in a positive light, believing they are worth the investment is the first challenge. I want to let you in on a little secret: how we show up in our lives, effects our self-perception. In this instance, when we invest in ourselves, when we purchase a boudoir photoshoot for ourselves, we are telling our brains we are worthy. You are rewiring your brain and creating new neural pathways that create the self-perception that you are worthy. And you are. You are worthy.

To get back to the point at hand, let’s discuss why boudoir is an investment. One contributing factor is your photographer’s expertise. We invest a lot of hours and money into continuing education and furthering our skills. Just as you would pay more for a tattoo artist who has been tattooing for ten years – and therefore produces a higher quality of art – compared to an apprentice, the same principle applies to photography. Our photographers have many years of experience and training, which is why our photo quality is as impressive as it is. You certainly do get what you pay for.

Another factor is time. It’s easy to forget that for us, our time investment goes well beyond the 2 -3 hours that you are in studio with us. There are hours of editing that goes into each photoshoot, not to mention the administrative time we dedicate to each of our clients to ensure the best possible experience. For each client, we would conservatively estimate that we spend 25-30 hours on creating the best boudoir experience for you.

Of course then there are the details of operations. Unlike many other types of photography (eg. wedding and family) where the photographer is travelling to meet you at an indoor or outdoor venue, we shoot in a beautiful, private studio. We know that boudoir is an intimate experience, and we ensure our clients feel comfortable baring it all in a safe (and gorgeous!) environment. Then of course there’s the details like the bottles of Prosecco, the make-up and hairstyling products, the set design pieces. We do our best to think of every detail to make your experience exceptional, and those details, well they add up.

Earlier, I was talking about changing our self-perception by investing in ourselves via booking a boudoir shoot – just as we would by investing in a gym membership, or a life coach, or any other service that can help us to create positive shifts in our self-perception. Choosing to invest in yourself is the first step, the boudoir experience is the second. 

Our boudoir photoshoots are designed to be more than just getting your photos taken. From the moment you walk into our door, we are ensuring you feel celebrated. We want you to know how beautiful you are – inside and out! Our job isn’t just to glam you up, help you pose and take your photos. Our job, no our purpose and mission, is to create an experience that helps you see yourself in a whole new light. The Lux experience is about creating an environment that bolsters your confidence and allows you to connect with your true self. That experience might be an investment, but we happen to think you are worth it. 

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June 23, 2022

You are Worth the Investment of Boudoir Photography

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