“It made me feel very confident and sexy within myself. After taking the photos I felt super empowered.”

– Ms. T

While we are undeniably a boudoir photography studio, at our core, we are a women’s empowerment company. Photography is a medium we use to give women an experience where they feel confident, sexy and vivacious. Through this experience we hope our clients feel a boost in their self-esteem, a reconnection to their power and a renewed love for their body. We create the safe and fun space for our clients to express and connect to themselves without judgement.

Knowing your worth and being confident in yourself is life changing. It effects your relationships, your work, and how you show up in your life. We know firsthand what a difference feeling empowered has on a woman, and we believe that empowering women can change the world for the better. The icing on the cake is empowered women, empower more women; it’s a ripple effect. 

A desire to feel more confident and sexy is what brought Ms. T to our studio. It was our absolute pleasure to work with her and we are so glad she left her photoshoot feeling sexy, confident and empowered. We LOVE her photos, nearly as much as she does! And now she has a beautiful reminder of how radiant and powerful she is capable of feeling. Her hubby gets to enjoy the photos, but Ms. T got the gift of feeling good in her own skin. While there aren’t any losers here, we definitely think Ms. T is the winner.

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June 30, 2022

MS. T: Reclaiming Confidence through Boudoir Photography

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